Sunday, January 19, 2014

Belated Happy New Year! 

2014 has brought renewed creative enthusiasm for me to "knit on a stick" (aka ducetting) with all types of fibres.  

While in Ottawa the past few weeks, I had the opportunity to teach both the square and flat braid in rattail and leather at the Glass Shoppe Studio, adjacent to Canada Beading Supply. I had a great time introducing the ducette to beaders and beadmakers alike.

I ventured just down the road from Grace's to "Wool Tyme", supposedly the largest wool shop in Canada. I discovered an incredible array of yarns made up of all types of materials. With these and some from Len's Mill in Guelph, I created a number of new cord scarves, each from 1 ball/skein or less. Imagine, a useful way to use that very last bit of yarn from a previous project!

A few of these cords were joined with scarf bails or knotted within beaded tube connectors. I am still playing with other closure and wrapping options! 

I will be bringing some of these to illustrate alternative braiding materials to my next teaching session Sunday February 2 at BeadFX(.com) where I will have classes in creating both the square and flat braid bracelets using rattail fibre.  I invite you to come and experience this alternative form of knitting for yourself! 

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